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Projects for #PHP

NEW PHPGit Git wrapper for PHP5.3

NEW Pygments.php A PHP Wrapper for the Python Pygments

Ciconia A New Markdown parser for PHP5.4

Coupe A Handy HTTP/HTTPS Server written in pure PHP.

CoroutineIO unstable

A fast socket server interface

Fast socket server implementation using *Generator* available in PHP5.5

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Text stable / 1.0.1

Simple 1 Class Text Manipulation Library

Do you remember PHP's string functions? If not, just wrap you text with Text! It will save a minute on your coding.

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Bowl stable / 1.0.0

Yet another dependency injection container

Manage multiple environment / Manage dependencies between objects / Perform a Lazy instantiation / Perform a Factory pattern

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CsvParser stable / 1.4.0

Convert CSV to array/Iterator

fgetcsv()? No, it's not enough.

Line breaks in the cell / Multibyte string (especially NON UTF-8) / Double quotes in the cell / Large Files

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Parallel.php unstable

Simple multitasking library for PHP5.4 (*nix only)

Run multiple tasks asynchronously, also provides Java like Thread and Runnable interface.

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Steganography unstable

Hiding a hidden message within an image

Simple PHP implementation of Steganography. Store a hidden message into an image as color information at each pixel.

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