Coupé v0.1.0

A Handy HTTP/HTTPS Server written in pure PHP
Non-blocking IO with coroutines available in PHP5.5

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Coupé was designed to aid application development. Don't use this server on a public network.


Locally (UNIX)

This command checks your PHP environment and then download coupe.phar to current working directory.

$ curl -s | php

Globally (UNIX)

Put coupe.phar in your PATH.

$ curl -s | php
$ mv coupe.phar /usr/local/bin/coupe
Debien/Ubuntu users will have to run the mv with sudo


Download coupe.phar and store anywhere on your computer.

Download coupe.phar

Update Coupé

$ php coupe.phar self-update

Using Coupé

Starting the web server

Coupé listens port 8080(HTTP) and 8443(HTTPS) by default.

$ php coupe.phar start

Starting with a specific document root directory

$ php coupe.phar start -t public

Emulate RewriteEngine On

$ php coupe.phar start --fallback=app_dev.php

Disable SSL

$ php coupe.phar start --without-ssl

Starting with specific ports

$ sudo php coupe.phar start localhost:80 --with-ssl=localhost:443
The TCP/IP port numbers below 1024 are special in that normal users are not allowed to run servers on them.

This project is licensed under MIT license.